by dragonFLi designs

Our Vision

Our Piece of Africa

Sábiè is testimony to a truly enlightened conservation plan which has created this exceptional wildlife reservation for the preservation of a unique wilderness area of different landscapes in one of the most beautiful regions of Mozambique.

Sábiè Game Park LDA obtained 28 000 hectare of unspoiled bushveld adjoining the eastern border of the Kruger National Park in 2000. The vision is to develop and manage this property according to establish wildlife-based tourism and wildlife management principles.

The land parcel extends for 40 kilometers along the Lebombo Mountains and the eastern boundary of Kruger Park from the Sábiè River in the south to the Massintsontso River in the north.

The development reflects the vibrant combination of Moçambique and the indigenous cultures, creating a colourful and cultivated tropical ambience, secure and relaxed; a riot of flora display and Iberian style in the midst of a wildlife paradise. Sábiè Game Park combines the cultural richness of the country and its people with the needs of contemporary tourism.

Sábiè's landscape comprises of relatively flat to undulating, low-lying grasslands with scattered trees and shrubs where the western boundary rises into the Lebombo Mountains providing magnificent sites for lodge developments with breathtaking panoramas of game-rich plains and beautiful dams where sunsets create a tropical ambience.

Average daily temperatures for mid-summer is around 30 C, maxim mid-winter temperatures around 23 C. Average rainfall about 750mm and heavy tropical storms create spectacular cloud formations and mornings are cold in winter.

You can discover this wonderful natural world for yourself on Sábiè Game Park Moçambique. The following song's lyrics are true to our dream for Sábiè:

Nowhere on this earth have such a rich abundance of fauna and flora as Southern Africa - and so many places where you can see and enjoy it.